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Our law firm’s logo – a lighthouse and beacon – was chosen in part because (a) we live and work on an island and (b) the lighthouse symbolizes protection that allows ships to navigate. We are asset preservation lawyers who protect clients’ life savings from nursing home costs and taxes and who help our clients navigate through the process when a loved one needs long term care or dies. So a lighthouse is a perfect symbol for us. There’s more about our logo but we’ll save that for later.


Our firm focuses on four practice areas that nearly all of our clients face at some point:


Elder Law,

Estate Planning,

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives, and

Probate & Estate Administration

Our Elder Law and Estate Planning practice areas, which include the use of customized trust agreements and wills, together form the core of our asset-protection practice.


In addition, when necessary, we represent clients in Surrogate’s Court estate litigation, including contested probate, accounting and discovery/turnover proceedings.


We also work with other attorneys to represent clients who have been injured in an accident, in proving kinship to inherit, usually from a first cousin who died without a will, and in having a guardian appointed for an incapacitated relative, typically one who does not have a power of attorney or health care directives.


Now, back to our logo. This is not just any lighthouse. This one is located on the North Atlantic at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. John O’Rourke’s wife and Tim O’Rourke’s* and Kathleen Seaman’s mom, Peggy, passed away in March 2009. She and John had visited Peggy’s Cove and loved it there. We chose and dedicate our logo in her honor.


We are pleased to offer existing and new clients a free initial consultation at our office or at your home. Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you in protecting and preserving your life savings for your loved ones.

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